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Foto ilustrativa

Thalita Rosa:

Married mother of two beautiful girls, Sophia and Selena. Her passion for photography started during her first pregnancy. “It was while I was  photographing my family that I realized how important these records are in preserving our memories of family moments.” Thalita’s strong characteristic is the creation of unique, personalized scenarios, making the rehearsal a magical moment. Her rehearsals are always happy, fun, and spontaneous.

Nadia Rosa:

Married mother of one handsome boy, Noah. Her interest in photography intensified when she took photography-related courses while she was working on her degree in Social Services. “I have always loved the power that photography has to form a memory that transcends time. A photo is a timeless record.” Nadia’s personal flair comes in ensuring a light and natural atmosphere, helping you and your family create an unforgettable, affective memory.


Foto ilustrativa


Foto ilustrativa

Maira Rosa:

Graduated in Photography at the University of Vila Velha ES in Brazil, and has been working in the photography field for 11 years, specializing in family photography with focus in pregnancy and baby photography. She is the founder of the brand “Ideale Fotografia” with locations in Ibitirama and Irupi in the state of Espirito Santo, Brazil. At Rose Photography, she is responsible for the post-production of the shoots. “I am in love with family, dogs, travel, and of course, photography.”

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